Rural Coordination Centre of BC

The Rural Coordination Centre of BC, in conjunction with the Rural Education Action Plan, improves the health of rural people and communities in British Columbia by:

  • supporting physician and healthcare provider health and practice;
  • growing relationships through collaboration and partnerships;
  • augmenting feedback loops; and
  • enhancing innovation.

These goals are achieved through communication, facilitation, collaboration, evaluation, and sharing of best practices.

The Rural Coordination Centre of BC supports and develops provincial initiatives by engaging and coordinating with rural healthcare providers to facilitate the development of local and/or regional solutions, frameworks, and networks. Though rurally focused, it sees value in applying rural solutions to benefit all health professionals facing similar challenges.

BC Patient Safety & Quality Council

The BC Patient Safety & Quality Council provides system-wide leadership to efforts designed to improve the quality of health care in British Columbia, Canada. Using evidence-informed strategies, we advance person- and family-centred care, shift culture, and improve clinical practice to support high-quality care for every person in our province. We do this through collaborative partnerships with health authorities, patients and citizens, and those working within the health care system.

First Nations Health Authority

The First Nations Health Authority is the first and only provincial First Nations health authority in Canada. It is working to transform and reform the way health care is delivered to First Nations in British Columbia.

Métis Nation British Columbia

According to Statistics Canada, there are nearly 90,000 Métis people in British Columbia. More than 20,000 are registered Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) Citizens.

MNBC represents 38 Métis Chartered Communities in British Columbia.

MNBC’s mandate is to develop and enhance opportunities for Métis communities by implementing culturally relevant social and economic programs and services.

MNBC is recognized by the Métis National Council, Government of British Columbia, and the Government of Canada, as the Governing Nation for Métis in British Columbia.

UBC Health

UBC Health works under the Office of the Vice-President, Health at the University of British Columbia (UBC) to enable and enhance interprofessional and collaborative health education and interdisciplinary research to train people, develop knowledge, and shape policy. UBC Health seeks to address inequities and improve the systems that produce health.

UBC Department of Family Practice

The Department of Family Practice educates students, physicians, and midwives to be effective providers of patient-centered care in the context of family and community.


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